About Me

Character Sheet IMG_20160420_191528-1.jpg


First Name: Tania

Middle Name: I don’t think we’re at that point in our relationship yet.

Last Name: Richardson

Age: Old enough

Occupation: Writer, book blogger and coffee drinker. Also a mom.

Location: UK

Biggest Achievements: Once caught a falling spoon without looking, and fixed my boiler without killing anyone.

Most embarrassing moment: That one time I fell off the side of the road and into a mini ravine because I wanted to see if I could walk in a straight line with my eyes closed.

Best trait: I am hilarious.

Worst trait: I think I’m hilarious.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Biggest motivator: Deadlines.

Biggest fear: Being trapped in a room with a spider.

Things she likes: Coffee, chocolate, ice cream, cake, and other non edible stuff, I guess.

Things she dislikes: Things I can’t eat, people who think they can interrupt others while they’re reading, Helen in Marketing.